Canolfan UCHELDRE Centre

Courtyard beside the Ucheldre Kitchen
Courtyard beside the Ucheldre Kitchen
Canolfan UCHELDRE Centre
Centre for the performing and visual arts in Anglesey, North Wales

Past events

The main events listing gives information on the current quarter’s events at the Ucheldre Centre.

Some events take place less often than this. To give a broader flavour of the events which take place at the Centre, here are copies of some past programmes:

November–December 2016
July–September 2012
April–June 2012
January–March 2012
October–December 2011
July–September 2011
April–June 2011
January–March 2011
October–December 2010
July–September 2010
April–June 2010
January–March 2010
October–December 2009
July–September 2009
April–June 2009

Concert hall
Outdoor sculpture
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Gallery space
Courtyard beside Ucheldre Kitchen
Ucheldre Kitchen
Courtyard beside the Ucheldre Kitchen