Canolfan UCHELDRE Centre

Canolfan UCHELDRE Centre

Courtyard beside the Ucheldre Kitchen
Courtyard beside the Ucheldre Kitchen
Canolfan UCHELDRE Centre
Centre for the performing and visual arts in Anglesey, North Wales

Diary — Literary events

The Ucheldre Centre regularly presents talks and readings by leading authors, often sponsored by the Literary Society. P D James, Simon Brett, and Celia Skidmore are just some of the writers who have talked about their work from the Ucheldre stage.

Broadcast NT Live: Deep Blue Sea
Thursday 1 September7pm
Deep Blue Sea (12A)

Helen McCrory (Medea and The Last of the Haussmans at the National Theatre, Penny Dreadful, Peaky Blinders) returns to the National Theatre in Terence Rattigan’s devastating masterpiece, playing one of the greatest female roles in contemporary drama. Tom Burke (War and Peace, The Musketeers) also features in Carrie Cracknell’s critically acclaimed new production.

Set in a flat in Ladbroke Grove, West London in 1952. When Hester Collyer is found by her neighbours in the aftermath of a failed suicide attempt, the story of her tempestuous affair with a former RAF pilot and the breakdown of her marriage to a High Court judge begins to emerge.

With it comes a portrait of need, loneliness and long-repressed passion. Behind the fragile veneer of post-war civility burns a brutal sense of loss and longing.

£10 , £8 concessions/gostyngiadau, £3 children/plant The Ucheldre Kitchen will be open for pre-performance light refreshments
Literary Lit Soc: Séan Street

Friday 16 September 1-3pm
Lit soc: Séan Street

The new Lit Soc season under the direction of Fiona Owen begins with ‘Sound, Time and Space - into the Universe of the Imagination’- a conversation, workshop and reading with poet Seán Street.  We know sound and poetry are linked, because voice is sound, and poetry grows out of the human voice. This conversation and workshop will explore how anything can have the ability to make the familiar extraordinary, and bring new ways of seeing - and hearing - to poetry. Seán Street's ninth full collection is Camera Obscura (Rockingham Press), published in 2016, poems which explore the connection between voices across time and space. Recent prose includes The Memory of Sound and The Poetry of Radio (Routledge). Previous writings include books on Gerard Manley Hopkins and The Dymock Poets. He is Emeritus Professor at Bournemouth University.This event is kindly supported by Literature Wales.

A warm welcome to all / Croeso cynnes i bawb

£5, £4 concessions/gostyngiadau
Literary Rhwng: Poetry a Way of Seeing
Saturday 24 September10am

'Poetry, a Way of Seeing: Writing Creatively with Paul Matthews'

Rhwng: Led by Fiona Owen with poet and writing teacher Paul Matthews.

The Tree which moves some to tears of joy is in the eyes of others only a green thing that stands in the way (William Blake)

Do our words help or hinder our perception of the world? It is true that in our literal age we often label things to death with our prosaic lnaguage, but that's not the end of the story. Through guided tasks in writing (both playful and profound) we can permit imagination to flow, and by freeing the creative powers hidden in words begin to take joy once more in our companionship with the stones and trees and beasts which surround us, and even (as we did in childhood) behold the magic in common things, the chairs and broomsticks of our houshold. 'Poetry' is not just a pretty way of writing. It lends a subtle slant to our eyesight which helps us see each other and the work more truly.

Paul Matthews, poet, teacher and gymnast has taught for many years at Emerson college. He is renowned for helping poets and writers, even the most anxious, to work with and develop their creative voice. His inspiring books, Sing Me the Creation, and Words in Place (both from Hawthorn Press) contain numerous exercises to nurture the creative process and bring language alive between people. The Ground that Love Seeks and Slippery Characters (Five Seasons Press) are gatherings of his poetry.

No special experience or skills are necessary. Just come as you are!

A warm welcome to all / Croeso cynnes i bawb

10am – 4pm

£15, £10 concessions/gostyngiadau
Literary Lit Soc: John Barnie

Friday 14 October 1-3pm
Poetry and the New Nature

The Literary Society director Fiona Owen is joined by John Barnie. The afternoon explores the ways in which poets have responded to nature since the Darwinian revolution and in particular the growing realisation among biologists and naturalists, from Edward O. Wilson to David Attenborough, that the Earth is well into a mass extinction of species which will have consequences for ourselves.


John Barnie grew up in Abergavenny in the Usk Valley, on the edge of the Black Mountains. He taught at Copenhagen University from 1969-82, and was editor of the cultural and political magazine Planet from 1990-2006. He has published over 20 collections of poetry and essays including The King of Ashes which won a Wales Book of the Year award. A blues guitarist, he has performed widely with the poetry and blues band Y Bechgyn Drwg/The Bad Boys, and, currently, with Hollow Log. During 2016 he is poet in residence at Oxford University Museum of Natural History.


A warm welcome to all / Croeso cynnes i bawb

£5, £4 concessions/gostyngiadau
Literary Lit Soc: Ric Hool

Friday 18 November 1-3pm
Between So Many Words

The Literary Society director Fiona Owen is joined by Ric Hool. During this workshop we shall discuss themes that might inform our poetic writing and consider the determination or 'push' of authorship and the apprehension of readership.


For the writing exercise it would be useful if participants brought along any of the following to use as an aide-mémoire: a diary / correspondence / a short story / a journal / a series of pictures (3 or 4) / objects from a holiday / one object from each of several different holidays.


Ric Hool’s poetic themes are the psychological and geographical impact of place and space on the human experience. Water is a theme, poured from place to place and from experience to experience: an agent of informing. Ric has nine published collections of poetry, the most recent being Between So Many Words (Red Squirrel Press 2016). He is also a reviewer of poetry in magazines, a creative writing tutor for various literature projects and organizer of the poetry reading series ‘Upstairs at the Hen & Chicks’. 

A warm welcome to all / Croeso cynnes i bawb


£5, £4 concessions/gostyngiadau
Literary Lit Soc: Karen Ankers

Friday 16 December 1-3pm
Lit soc: Karen Ankers

The Literary Society director Fiona Owen is joined by writer and playwright Karen Ankers. A workshop about writing drama - how to structure a short play and how to give characters a unique and believable voice.


Karen Ankers is a former member of the Ucheldre Rep, who has given up performing plays in order to concentrate on writing them.  Her one act plays have been performed in UK, America and Australia and one has recently been made into a short film by director Ben Mole.  Karen has taught Creative Writing classes for the WEA and is a co-founder of Cybi Poets.

  After this workshop, there will be an optional read-around on the theme of Christmas, over tea and mince-pies from the café, so leave an extra hour for us to celebrate in this seasonal Lit Soc way – and do bring something along to read!

£5, £4 concessions/gostyngiadau
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