Canolfan UCHELDRE Centre

Canolfan UCHELDRE Centre

Courtyard beside the Ucheldre Kitchen
Courtyard beside the Ucheldre Kitchen
Canolfan UCHELDRE Centre
Centre for the performing and visual arts in Anglesey, North Wales

Diary — Literary events

The Ucheldre Centre regularly presents talks and readings by leading authors, often sponsored by the Literary Society. P D James, Simon Brett, and Celia Skidmore are just some of the writers who have talked about their work from the Ucheldre stage.

Literary Lit Soc:  Ric Hool  Poetry Workshop Saturday/Sadwrn 30 May/Mai   10am - 3pm

Ric Hool's Poetry Workshop

Writing Through Objects

Welcome return of poet Ric Hool who begins today’s workshop with the thought that our lives are filled with objects, and that raises a number of questions.  What do objects mean to us?  What do they signify?  What value do we place on them?  How do they shape our identities, the spaces we inhabit, and our engagement with these spaces? What stories can an object tell?

The relationships between humans and objects can be complex. Objects both shape and reveal our identities and narratives are woven consciously and unconsciously around objects in the construction of self.
Alison Munro

Participants are asked to bring an object of their own to the workshop that is of particular significance to them. There will also be a selection of objects provided. 

Following the workshop Ric will read some of his own work.

5 hours
£15, £10 concessions/gostyngiadau

Literary Janice Madden's Book Launch
Saturday 13 June 7pm
Launch of Janice Madden's latest books

Launch (by Professor Roy Chantrell) of Janice Madden's latest books:

The Red Carpet and Grandad's Letters

Refreshments and signed books available.

2 hours
Free / Am Ddim

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