Canolfan UCHELDRE Centre

Canolfan UCHELDRE Centre

Courtyard beside the Ucheldre Kitchen
Courtyard beside the Ucheldre Kitchen
Canolfan UCHELDRE Centre
Centre for the performing and visual arts in Anglesey, North Wales

Diary — Literary events

The Ucheldre Centre regularly presents talks and readings by leading authors, often sponsored by the Literary Society. P D James, Simon Brett, and Celia Skidmore are just some of the writers who have talked about their work from the Ucheldre stage.

Literary Open Mic Poetry Evening
Friday 22 July7.30pm
Open Mic Poetry Evening

An opportunity  to read your own, or other people’s, work in a friendly, supportive atmosphere. 

To be held in the Ucheldre Centre Café, where food and drink can be purchased.

Led by Karen Ankers and Trevor Stockwell.

£3 to listen £2 if you want to read
Drama Shakespeare Weekend
Satruday 6 - Sunday 7 August
Shakespeare and Theatre

Anvil Productions host two days of workshops for age 16 and over.  

Open to all.

£30  (Prop/Anvil members £15)
Literary Lit Soc: Séan Street

Friday 16 September 1-3pm
Lit soc: Séan Street

The new Lit Soc season under the direction of Fiona Owen begins with a workshop and reading from Emeritus Professor of Radio, poet and writer Seán Street.

£5, £4 concessions/gostyngiadau
Literary Rhwng: The Point Between
Saturday 24 Septemberime
Rhwng: The Point Between

Rhwng: The Point Between is led by Fiona Owen with poet and writing teacher Paul Matthews.

Exploring poetry, ecology, music, religions, culture, art and philosophy. Each Rhwng takes something from the season as its starting point.  Themes are explored through writing, poetry, story and myth. No special experience or skills are necessary. Just come as you are!

A warm welcome to all / Croeso cynnes i bawb

10am – 4pm

£15, £10 concessions/gostyngiadau
Literary Lit Soc: John Barnie

Friday 14 October 1-3pm
Lit soc: John Barnie

The Literary Society director Fiona Owen is joined by poet, writer and ex-editor of Planet Magazine John Barnie.

£5, £4 concessions/gostyngiadau
Literary Lit Soc: Ric Hool

Friday 18 November 1-3pm
Lit soc: Ric Hool

The Literary Society director Fiona Owen is joined by poet, and writer Ric Hool.

£5, £4 concessions/gostyngiadau
Literary Lit Soc: Karen Ankers

Friday 16 December 1-3pm
Lit soc: Karen Ankers

The Literary Society director Fiona Owen is joined by writer and playwright Karen Ankers, with a Christmas read-around and optional mince pies afterwards, in the café!

£5, £4 concessions/gostyngiadau
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