Canolfan UCHELDRE Centre

Courtyard beside the Ucheldre Kitchen
Courtyard beside the Ucheldre Kitchen
Canolfan UCHELDRE Centre
Centre for the performing and visual arts in Anglesey, North Wales

Diary — Exhibitions

Anglesey has a rich heritage of modern art. Many of its living artists are members of the Anglesey Arts Forum, which also coordinates the Anglesey Art Weeks each April.

The main art exibitions cover the whole range of the visual arts, from classical painting to avant-garde sculpture, and provide opportunities for display by local, national, and international artists. They typically change every six weeks, and are housed in the exhibition space and main hall.

A selection of art is for sale in the Ucheldre Kitchen and the shop.

Exhibition Growing
running until Sunday 13 January


a collaborative exhibition 

Gareth Brindle Jones & Stephen Heaton

This is a mixed media exhibition. With a short film, installations and paintings.

'The central character, Joe, is dissatisfied with his life. He thinks the answer to his happiness lies in a beard and the identity and masculinity it might provide. Sadly for him it’s not such a quick or easy task to grow a beard. He searches out tricks and shortcuts to rapid growth. He tries using the techniques he spots along the route to work one day. These ingredients become part of his everyday life. Joe becomes dependent on the emotional crutches used by many of us each day in trying to find happiness and identity, food, drink and cigarettes'

  Thankfully, the film reaches a conclusion where Joe comes to realise that happiness is not found in these ‘things’, and that it is to be found much closer, through accepting one’s self, warts and all.

It is from this film that the rest of the exhibition grows.

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